Here are a few words of praise from our satisfied clients:

"Sandy is always reliable and treats my dog like her own.  She spends extra time playing with the tennis ball and is very mindful of heat, etc...What peace of mind while I'm out of town to know that my dog is getting the care and attention he needs.  I highly recommend her services!"  Laura Maggioli / Fenway

"Sandy has been pet sitting our two cats for over five years.  She treats them as if they were her own!  Not only does she treat them with tender loving care, she also ensures they are happy in our absence.  Sandy also makes sure our house is secure and takes care of the plants, mail and anything else while we are out of town!  We enjoy having the satisfaction of knowing our pets and house are well cared for, all because Sandy is watching! We 100% recommend Sandy for all you pet sitting needs!"  – Diana Zorich / Lacey and Roxy

“I can tell you personally that Doc’s Paw Relief goes the extra mile when it comes to pet sitting.  When my lab Gabby was in her very senior years Sandy always took the time to make sure she was comfortable and treated her as if she was her own dog.  Later when I brought home two new puppies I did not hesitate to have Sandy come every day to let my little guys out while I was at work.  I always knew they would be in good hands and have plenty of play time. Sandy not only is a fantastic pet sitter, she is also very knowledgeable in dog care.  She recommended a quality dog food, vitamins, good quality treats, mobile groomer and veterinarian for my dogs and they are thriving.”   – Christa Broom / Winston & Bailey

“Sandy provides Top Quality petting sitting service! I have 2 golden retrievers who are like my family…and my dogs and I used to stress when I would  have to board them outside of my home. I have been using Sandy’s service for 2 years now…and have complete peace of mind when she is sitting for them. My dogs are so much happier being able to stay in their home environment…and have a Very Caring person to look after them.” – Christine Holec / Lucy & GG
Satisfied Clients
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