About Us
Doc’s Paw Relief was founded in 2002 by my husband, Dr. Mike Webster.  After retiring from his career of 20+ years as a chiropractor, his passion for his beloved dogs, Gabriel and Katie, led him to start an in-home pet sitting business.  

Upon his untimely passing in 2003, I decided to keep Mike’s dream alive and continue his pet sitting service.  Nine years later, Doc’s Paw Relief is a thriving business!  In addition to the many clients we have served over the years, we still provide services to three of our original, founding client’s pets.

In addition to the pet sitting services, I continued on to become a Therapy Dog Handler with Katie.  We spent many hours at libraries with children reading to Katie, and visiting senior living homes.  Katie was 14.5 years old and a fabulous therapy dog who received a certificate of recognition for providing 50 therapy visits.  Unfortunately, I lost her in 2010 and I truly miss our days together doing therapy work…

I’ve heard it said that if you are doing what you’re truly meant to do – your work will not seem like work. How can it be work when you have furry babies that are just so excited to see you and simply want love and attention from you!

Proud Member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters
Sandy Webster
Doc's Paw Relief